Andaman Sea

Andaman Sea Dive Sites

          Andaman sea dive sites Thailand are very famous dive sites suit for both Liveaboard trip or day trip. Beautiful landscape, sunshine , white sand, clear water  are the reason that attract the divers to come and dive at Andaman sea dive sites Thailand. Andaman sea has many dive sites( a lot of beautiful island(koh)) around here, the water temperature is not too cool or too warm, estimate around 26-29°C , good visibility to see colorful soft coral, fish or big creature such as manta ray or Whale shark (if you have some luck).

          That's why Andaman sea dive sites Thailand have a lot of visitors every year. Andaman sea dive sites Thailand, normally has 2 route, South Andaman sea dive sites route and North Andaman sea dive sites route. You should check time schedule before booking flight or Liveaboard trip so that you will not miss it.

          Phuket, Krabi and Phangnga are famous stop place before diver go to Liveaboard or stay at the island and take diving day trip. They have good facilities to make diver feel comfortable and safe, plus divers can try delicious Thai food.


How to get here?

          If you stop by Phuket, you can check the flight from domestic flight airline, or international flight airline. Be concern If you book Liveaboard trip you should plan to arrive before the boat take off shore and check the time schedule. There are some link of Domestic airlines and International airlines here.


South Andaman And North Andaman Sea dive sites

             Some of famous dive sites  of South Andaman sea dive sites are Koh ha, Hin Maung (Purple Rock), Hin Daeng (Red Rock), Koh Phiphi and others.  Famous dive sites of  North Andaman sea dive sites are Similan Island, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Surin Island and others.  Actually, dive site will not fix. It can change because of weather condition for diver safety. 

            We choose some of photos and video from one of our team (Nad) when he went to Liveaboard trip to show you guys about South Andaman sea dive sites and North Andaman sea dive sites. We hope that you will like them. 


Photos from South Andaman sea

Photos from North Andaman sea

Andaman Sea dive sites Thailand -Manta Ray