How to go to Payam Cottage- Koh Payam (episode2)

How to go to Payam Cottage -  Koh Payam (episode II)

Speed boat took around 35-40 mins, we arrived at Koh Payam pier. We carried our bag and stuff by ourself and walk to Koh Payam. If you have big suitcase or a lot of stuff, there is a motorbike taxi 80 Baht.

It was a sunny day and hot. But when I smell the sea and see the view I feel so good. There are a lot of mini store at the pier. We rent a motorbike 250 Baht/day and gasoline is 35 Baht/bottle. it's around 1 litre. I can't ride so I sit in the back on the motorbike.

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payam cottage

How to go to Payam Cottage- Koh Payam (episode1)

How to go to Payam Cottage -  Koh Payam

This Trip I went to Payam Cottage at Koh Payam (Payam Island), It's located in Ranong Province in the south of Thailand.

Payam Island is totally different from Phuket Beach. It's a peaceful place, good for relaxing and not too crowd. I think it's very close to nature. There are no electricity on the island but the resort that I stayed have generator to run 24 hours electric for guests. I can feel that I stay very close to the nature but still very comfortable with the accommodation at Payam Cottage Resort.

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How to choose underwater camera for beginner

Underwater Camera

          Before you get underwater camera, first of all, divers should have good buoyancy and have enough experience of diving. Because you spend a huge money for your underwater camera set, I'm sure that you don't want to lose it or make it get any damage in the first dive with your beloved camera. When I said "diver should have enough experience of diving" it doesn't mean that you have to dive more that a 1000 dives or more. I mean good enough to take care of yourself and your underwater camera especially when unpredictable situation happen to you such as you drop your camera down while you were diving or you forget it somewhere after taking the photos or you crack your camera on the rock or whatever to make the water leak into your underwater case. You can ask to get some advises from you scuba instructor or professional about your diving skills.

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